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"There was a glow up high which was never seen down in the lowlands." Sanford TRAIL TO UPPER CROWN

Interplans developes stories, including yours, from a single line to a script-ready treatment.  It publishes materials about the 'mere' Gospel and its objective truth, the pure joy of justification, and how it speaks to all political correctness today.  Most products are in short novel form through Amazon. 
January 2015:  Interplans begins a script archive for faith-based creations.  Calling all writers of faith-based fiction and "based-on".  No matter what length.  Please see the next page!
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FOOTHOLD is an international suspense novel about grace overcoming terrorism. 
" horrifying as it is inspiring...  You will be blindsided by how little we know how to fight this battle by prayer."--retired mission worker. 
"A quick read.  It could be a powerful film.  I was glad to see the emphasis on getting the Gospel to Muslims over protection for Israel." --K. Carey, editor, GLOBAL PRAYER DIGEST,  US Center for World Missions
"...a fiction version of CHRISTIAN ZIONISM--a road to Armageddon..." --T. Adcock, JESUS PEOPLE RESEARCH LIBRARY, Sacramento
$14.75, Paypal or checks , to Interplans, PO Box 1074 Sequim WA 98382
THE GOSPEL I NEVER KNEW, unleashing the objective truth of Romans to ignite your sense of mission in this PC age.

The Gospel is an event that surprises history, philosophy, Judaism and prophecy for one reason:
To get to all nations.
"The explanations about how the Gospel relates to Judaism and how both of those relate to Islam are very important..."  --retired mission worker in Iran
"Thank you so much for writing this kind of background!" -- E. European pastoral student
"The question of the imposing of tolerance is just as important here as in the West." -- E. European pastor
 $14.75, Paypal or checks, Interplans, PO Box 1074 Sequim WA 98324
THE COVENANT REVOLUTION--Luke-Acts and Judaism's ZealotsSelf-destruction contrasts with both the blunt assertion of God's direct destruction of Jerusalem as well as with the unsatisfactory denial of any connection at all between NT beliefs and its destruction; the reader is invited to see for himself the common sense of what Christians were saying about the Zealot cause.
Winter 2009

Come visit Butova, next door to Moldova, but even smaller.  From the many archeological layers to the face-coverings of women fiancees, this 'parable in history' delights, shocks and surprises on many levels.  We'd all like to be there, but recent events in Butova provide a key to the world to get back to common sense and innocence.  Mr. Sanford was practically a first-hand witness to the Moldovan election unrest of April '09.
 "This covers a lot of ground...and addresses many good concepts...  The style is a mix of stating things as tightly as Lewis and of vernacular..."  --adult teaching elder from a non-denominational community church
"...the story weaves the reader through the cultural shift that occurs when government and contrary spiritual dictatorships intervene...  Reading (this) sheds light on how this can happen and what we stand to lose.  It is a compelling story...that deserves to be read and re-read."  --young adult guidance counselor
Link to Amazon coming Dec. '12.  PDF for $4.
based on a Blackfoot pre-history
(cover not shown; available at Amazon)

“I am a watchman…of another kind.”  Gifted with vision and skills ahead of her time, the clan’s most beautiful and brightest young woman would not marry.  She loved Scarface, but marrying was another question.  She needed a ‘sign’ from the great Lord of the land.  Not just to marry, either.  She had seen much wider than Scarface could imagine…    PDF for $4.

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Readers of LITTLE COUNTRY won't want to miss the dramatic escape from Communist Romania, SWEET MARA, by Daniel George, also available free as a movie script


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